. The Turas faith or Turasism is a religion or belief system founded by Turas Duine Naofa (1926 - 9th January 2001), also known as Venerable Turas. It claims 4000 members worldwide. It has been called a New Religious Movement (NRM).


The Turas faith is described as promoting a message of peace and of spirituality through deep meditation and study groups. The basic tenets of their faith are best described in this quote:

"Disciples of the Turas faith are messengers of peace and do not wish any harm upon anyone. We strive together for world peace and the coming together of nations through the power of our minds and collective consciousness. We also strive for inner peace through deep meditation. [...] We also strive to be truthful, sincere and genuine in all that we do. Most of all, every person on this earth is equal and should be treated as such". - Ven. Turas

They also mainly follow a mystic and esoteric path, evidenced by things such as the belief in a collective consciousness and aphorisms used as tools in meditation, similar to koans in Buddhism.

"All that we see can and should be used as a tool in our development, and as a vehicle to our ultimate connection to the collective consciousness and single-mindedness. This, in it's innate beauty, is both knowing our separate selves and the ultimate oneness. This is also the deepest communication with oneself, which facilitates the inner knowing of our true selves. This is the immediate guidance to that which is neither known nor perceived, but at the same time is the ultimate knowledge and perception, due to seeing through a new lens." - Ven. Turas
'The book of Turas, Ven. Turas. TFI Publishing, 2001. ISBN 978-1-4452-0536-6


The Turas Foundation International, a non-profit umbrella group for the Turas faith worldwide runs meditation and study groups in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Germany.

In the UK, they run a charity called 'Hope & Dignity'.

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