Tiger's Eye
Tiger's eye
Classification: Metamorphic silica
Elementals: Earth,[1] Fire[2]
Crystal system:
Compound: SiO2
Frequency: 30
Vibration: 3
Rulers: Sun[2]
Soul path: Empowerment[1]
Chakra placement: Solar plexus[1]
Timing: Leo, Capricorn,[1] Aquarius (Feb.4-6)[3]
Meditation: Hidden talents[1]
Divination: Confidence, past lives[2][1]
Healing Body Point: Spinal nervous system[4]

Tiger's eye or Tiger eye, is ruled by the Sun possessing a golden flash of light[2] that integrates the Sun's power into the Earth.[1] It is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence.[2] It brings hidden talents to the fore and helps one to face their faults with courage. It will also help to balance one's needs.[1]


Sit outside on a sunny day. Hold a tiger's-eye in your hands and gaze at the flashes of light. Still your conscious mind[2] and identify your personal power, confidence and energy. Distinguish between what you really need and wishful thinking.[1]


Tiger's eye may be used as a tool to delve into past lives.[2] This stone can help deal with obsessive behaviors and the tendency to become spaced out. By grounding oneself, one may be able to uncover these traits through past life regression.[1]


According to Marina Costelloe , Tiger eye's numerology is 317.[3]

At the Atomic level, the numerological vibration is determined by the following chart:

Atomic vibration
Gemstone variety Compound Atomic components Formula Frequency Vibration
Tiger's eye SiO2 Silicon (14) + 2 Oxygen (8) 14+(8*2) 30 3


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