Partzufim (Heb. pl.) is a concept in Kabbalah to describe the system of levels through which G-d is perceived in each of the Olamot worlds. G-d reveals Himself differently to different entities within different worlds, each at their own different level, in accordance with their ability to receive His light (Ohr Ein Sof). The Olamot worlds are the general divisions within creation through which the sefirot manifest. G-d uses the sefirot to diffuse His light to the lower levels. When G-d manifests Himself (Partzufim) within one of the worlds, it is through a specific sefirot. Partzufim expresses how G-d’s ultimate essence is revealed in each level of each of these worlds. Likewise, each world and each sefirah manifests its own Partzuf.[1] A Partzuf (Singular), when revealed, could be described as a "Face of G-d"[2] in anthropomorphistic terms.[3]

Partzufim is an important concept for Kabbalists to understand Divine revelation and how G-d interacts with His creation. Such concepts are used in the most advanced forms of Kabbalistic study found in Idarot of the Zohar and in the writings of the Ari’zal.[1]


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