The olamot (Heb. pl., meaning "a distant time") is a term in Kabbalah that refers to particular descending spiritual realms or worlds. There are five olamot worlds subdivided into smaller worlds.[1]

An olam (s.) is a specific realm of creation that manifests a Partzuf, the way G-d is perceived. But, it is not a physical location, rather it is a level that is manifested by the sefirot. Each realm (olam) expresses life in accordance to that sefirah which formed it and G-d is manifested in each realm, in accordance to the sefirah that manifest therein.[1]

The first of the five general worlds (olam) is called Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man. This realm manifests the interactions within the sefirah Keter. Keter is the first and highest of the worlds representing “Will” or the "essence of being". This is the spark of the Divine that gives existence to everything in creation. Without this sense of essence and identity, no molecular structure would “know” to maintain its integrity in any given form. The "Will" of the universe, represented as Adam Kadmon, is the primordial blueprint of everything in creation. Therefore, Adam Kadmon manifests all other worlds. For this reason, he is not normally counted as part of the lower Four worlds, for they alone manifest in both force and form.[2]

The lower four olamot worlds are: Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah.[3]

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