800px-Moldavite Besednice
Classification: Chrysolite tektite
Elementals: Fire
Crystal system:
Compound: beryllium-10 isotope[1]
Rulers: Sun
Soul path: Metamorphosis[2]
Chakra placement: All[2]
Timing: Libra (Sep.23-24),[3] Scorpio[2]
Meditation: Awareness of divine origin[2]
Divination: Integration of physical and spiritual[2]
Healing Body Point: Renal cortex[4]

Moldavite allows one to release ingrained beliefs in order to make way for spiritual metamorphosis. It fuses the power of the cosmos with Mother Earth.[2]


Moldavite is a type of olive green tektite that has the lustre of glass. Its unique pittings and wrinkles on the surface resemble characteristic markings found on many meteorites. Moldavite's fusibility is very difficult and has extremely low water content. Its chemical composition suggests that it was formed 15 million years ago by the impact of a giant meteorite in present-day Nördlinger Ries.

A physical analysis of moldavite samples show a beryllium-10 isotope composition. The element Beryllium occurs naturally only in combination with other elements. Beryllium is short-lived when synthesized in stars, thus making it a relatively rare element in both the universe and in the crust of the Earth.


Visualize the Moldavite raising your vibrations with inflooding cosmic light.[2]


You are going through spiritual transformation that is dramatic. Sudden changes are occurring as you reach beyond your limits. Use moldavite to talk to your soul, to check the progress and outcome of present actions on your future. Avoid sowing seeds of destruction and detach yourself from mundane issues. Fertility and good fortune await.[2]


According to Marina Costelloe , Moldavite's numerology is 182.[3]

How to identify real moldavite Edit

Currently as much as 75% of moldavites circulating the market is counterfeit.[5]

Cut (faceted) moldavite Edit

Moldavite molten glass is not homogeneous as it contains inclusions (impurities). Inspection the inner structure is the most reliable indicator. Looking at the moldavite from close up and from different distances and focusing on various depths you should look out for: bubbles, schlieren and lechatelierite.

Counterfeits made of glass are very homogeneous and do not, in most cases, contain impurities.

Raw moldavite Edit

Check glossiness. Cheap fake moldavites tend to have extremely shiny and glossy surfaces. Look for sharp protrusions and protruding lechatelierite needles.


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