The Minor Arcana is governed by the Major Arcana in Tarot. The Minor Arcana, or "lesser secrets", are often grouped by Wands (fire), Swords (air), Cups (water), and Pentacles (earth). Their association with the cardinal elements (See Symbols) has enabled them to be linked with corresponding zodiac signs. The Minor is divided into two groups: Court cards and Number cards.


  • wands, batons, clubs: passion, motive, drive, call to action
  • cups, challises, hearts: subconscious, emotion, feeling
  • swords, spades: conscientious, information, knowledge, power
  • pentacles, coins, diamonds: economy, finances, stability, health
Court cards
  • Pages: student, apprentice, foolish, insecure.
  • Knights: messenger, journeyman, experienced, teacher.
  • Queens: maternal, wisdom, strategic.
  • Kings: paternal, authority figure, idol (person to look up to), grand.
Other symbols
  • Stage (a symbol commonly seen in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck that separates the foreground from the background): The scene, the setting, revealing the main character(s). The situation that determines who is directly involved and by which all variables and circumstances surround. The center of attention. The root of the situation. The heart of the matter. Typically a non-private matter, where observers and interested parties may voice their support, concerns and/or opinions. A period where people are in awe of the character(s) presented. The querent may be influenced by a person, the character on the stage represents. The querent on the stage as the center of attention.

Number cardsEdit


A sword represents knowledge, reason, power, influence, authority, decisiveness.

  • Ten of Swords, all the reasons why one has suffered, is suffering, or on the path to suffering.

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