The Kings in Tarot are court cards in the Minor Arcana. The Kings are influential and demand loyalty.

Kings of Wands: Over-thrower of old ways. Has paved way for the new. Charismatic. Visionary. Inspirational.

Reversed Has suffered the greatest of losses. Lonely.

Kings of Cups: Fatherly. God-father. Family oriented. Well-respected.

Reversed Has struggled in life, but never really had very many losses.

Kings of Swords: Stern. Judge. Impartial. Fixed beliefs. Rational. Able to make the hardest decisions.

Reversed Has suffered humiliation in the past. Distant. Judgmental. Harsh. Cruel.

Kings of Pentacles: Calm. Introspective. Proud. Self-confident. Inspires hard work. Plays it safe. Superb quality. Debt free.

Reversed Has suffered many losses. Suffers from regret. Carries guilt and shame. Carries debt.