The Golden Dawn Theoricus grade is the third of the Golden Dawn system and moves the Zelator to the ninth sephirah of the Tree of Life, the Yesod. The word Theoricus is from the Greek word for "beholder" and describes a person that knows theory, but not practice. This grade is represented by the numerical symbol Theoricus.

The primary distinction between the Zelator grade and the Theoricus grade is that the initial step in Malkuth is complete and the aspirant has the appropriate foundation to proceed. This grade focuses on the element of air and rises to approach the ethereal aspects of the Golden Dawn system.

Theoricus Ceremony Edit

The ceremony describes a journey through the Egyptian underworld led by Anubis, symbolized by the Keryx officer. Air is invoked in the ceremony and the aspirant takes the Zelator test to prove his or her knowledge of the grade before taking the oath. Then the Zelator walks the 32nd Path of Tau between the Malkuth and Yesod which is a subconscious journey to the astral plane. The angels associated with Yesod and rulers of the elements, the Kerubim confronts the Zelator and purify him or her to aid with the spiritual alchemy ahead. Symbols of the path are shown through the The Universe tarot card and others.

Once complete, the aspirant is initiated into Yesod and is then shown symbols surrounding the Garden of Eden where the secrets of the grade are disclosed.