Chakra (meaning "wheel, circle") is a psychic-energy center in esoteric traditions of Hinduism. There are seven primary chakras, followed by various minor chakras.

Tantric chackrasEdit

To begin, chant hoom to evoke the breakdown of negative energy and to spread positivity and vitality throughout the body.

  • chant shreem, followed by ahm
  • Ajna, guru or third eye
  • chant shreem, followed by Om
  • chant Om, followed by hahm
  • chant hreem, followed by yahm
  • chant kreem, followed by rahm
  • chant kreem, followed by vahm
  • chant kreem, followed by lahm


The sixteen pedals of the Vishuddha (throat chakra) represent:

  1. Chant Aum
  2. the Sama-mantras; Soma (Moon) says: For the remainder of this day, eat only of plants and vegetables.
  3. the mantra, Ong So Hung
  4. Chant Hyoom, Aum, Phat
  5. Chant Hyoom, Aum, Washat
  6. Chant Hyoom, Aum, Swadha
  7. Chant Hyoom, Aum, Swaha
  8. Chant Hyoom, Aum, Namak
  9. the nectar Amrita
  10. seven musical tones: 1 Niṣadavān; 2 riskabha; 3 gandhara; 4 shadja; 5 madhyama; 6 dhaiwata; 7 pañchama
  11. Practice Yoga for the neck.